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How to Use Bank Wire on VOdds for EUR and CNY Currencies
Anastasya | Jun 13 2022

Bank wires are one of the payment options available when you sign up with an online sportsbook. Many individuals disregard this payment option in favour of the more recent ones like cryptocurrency and e-wallets. Although it is almost obsolete, bank wire has a lot to offer in the financial industry.

Finding a sportsbook that offers this payment method is quite challenging. But don’t worry, VOdds is a trusted sportsbook that supports bank wire to fund your account. 

Depositing funds into the best online betting site is your first step in betting on sports for real money, and bank wire is the standard method for sportsbook deposits. 

Here are the simple steps on how to fund your account. Open an account on VOdds, go to the funding method option, and choose “Bank Wire”. Next, you can use EUR or CNY currency for your transactions.

If you want other funding options, try to read this article, “​​Zero-Fees and Available Payment Methods on VOdds 2.0”.

Today you will learn some of the benefits of using this payment option to fund your account. Below, we’ve listed and discussed some of its pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of using Bank Wire


  1. You can transfer a large amount of money – Bank wires allow you to send large sums of money between betting sites.   This will allow you to relax even if your betting account has many transactions.

2. You can transfer your funds safely – Transferring money through bank wire is one of the safest ways. Your fund is sent immediately from your bank account to another, and you can track it anytime. If there is any inconsistency, you may notify your bank immediately.

3. You can transfer your money immediately – Your transactions are very fast using this method. After your transactions, you can bet on sports. Furthermore, you can request a payment and cash out your winnings within the same time frame.

4. You have a convenient way to transfer money – Bank wire transfers are the best option because they provide access to your online bank account. As long as you have the cash, nothing prevents you from requesting your local bank transfer funds.


  1. It has a service fee  – To compensate for their processing costs, the sportsbook requires a service charge to accept your transfer.

Why should you bet on bank wire betting sites?

  • Most bookmakers widely accept it.
  • There are no withdrawal restrictions.
  • It is safe and secure.
  • High deposits and withdrawals.
  • Easy deposits through smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

Bank wires are reliable for depositing and withdrawing cash from your VOdds sportsbook account. They are not the most popular choice, but they are very useful. 

Using this funding option can ensure that your money is safe for transactions. Since it is simple, you can easily follow the procedures for depositing and withdrawing using a bank wire transfer. 

You have already learned the benefits of bank wire in your betting activities. Register an account at VOdds and try to use this option to fund your account. With the help of the best aggregator site like VOdds, you can surely have smooth transactions and a convenient time betting with sports.